We have a wide variety of products to choose from affecting multiple industry segments from personal to commercial offerings.

Custom Furniture Design

  • Modern Farmhouse Tables
  • Modern Farmhouse Benches
  • Modern Farmhouse Decor

Custom Product Design

  • Podiums¬†
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Promotional Products

Mass Production Runs

  • Outdoor Games
  • Retail Store Fixtures
  • Store Cash Wraps

Modern Farmhouse Design

  • Hardwood Selection
  • Construction
  • Finishing

Custom Product Design

  • Product Design
  • Production Engineering
  • Material Costing

Mass Production Runs

  • Client Communication
  • Timeframe Expectations
  • Material Forecasting
  • Contracted Rates
  • Process Engineering

Design and Engineering

Time well spent on design and engineering is multiplied in savings on materials, labor, shipping, and installation. We spend days and sometimes weeks pouring over material data, tooling, machine capability, and shipping optimization to design a fully engineered and cost effective high value product.

  • In house design team
  • Nimble production crews
  • Readily stocked suppliers
  • Shipping and packaging¬†
  • Project management¬†
We thought solid hardwoods would produce the best visual outcome, but after working with DS Wood Solutions to value engineer our fixtures, they showed us how to save millions, improve durability, and produce a consistent eco-friendly alternative fixture that everyone would appreciate.
I was hesitant to choose a particle board substrate for our furniture, but DS Wood Solutions showed us how much particle board technology has improved. We have saved thousands on our fixture and shipping rollouts just by switching material substrates previously unknown to us.
We were just starting our new store and needed some basic fixtures. DS Wood Solutions showed us some amazing new fixture designs and we collaborated on our first retail store environment designs. Once we sketched out our ideas on paper, David and his design team gave us a virtual 3D walking tour of how our store would look. They exceeded all of my expectations in design, construction, and installation. We are so blessed to have met them!
They design, build, and box the best!

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