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Frequently Asked Questions

Production minimums?

We don’t have minimums, but it’s more cost effective to order more so we can spread out the production setup and engineering costs. As you probably already know, the more your can buy or commit to buy over time, the more we can streamline production and material costs. 

I have an idea, can you help me with it?

Many ideas come and go, but when we have a realistic budget to work with, yes, we can help you. Send us an email and always make sure to include some kind of budget so we know you’re not just wasting our time.

Can you replicate a product?

It would not be ethical for us to copy another designers idea. We can try and improve upon it and give you our take on how we would design and build it to make it our own.

I just need a few pieces of wood cut, can you do that?

We could do that, but it would be costly for us to do it. You might be better served at your local big box lumber store. If your needing a few hundred or thousands of parts cut, then we would be your all star go to for cut to size.

Can you tell me what kind of woods you have?

Because of our network of suppliers around the world, we can get just about anything. We will never knowingly or purposefully purchase any products from protected or scarce forests. We respect our resources and we are actively engaged in reforestation projects.

Do you design and build retail store fixtures?

Yes we do! We can design and build solid wood fixtures, value engineered plywood, MDF, or particle board fixtures. We have supplier agreements with steel, fabric, and glass suppliers to build nearly anything your company would desire. We can also design a virtual 3D walking tour of your retail environment.

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