Designed to spec. value Engineered.

Before any product hits the shop floor, it’s designed and value engineered for production. We spend hours or days on design and engineering to save days or weeks in the shop. All aspects of production, material selection, labor, and shipping are considered well before we start on any project. It’s the only way we know how to build the very best in value for our clients.

What we do

Design, Build, Install, Engineer, Create, Distinguish


Design drives the experience for the end user and also considers production capabilities. Careful design also helps us build value. Creation always starts with design and how you interpret client needs will drive your product designs. We have a full suite of design and AutoCAD software and we can provide a 3D experience of your product suite. We can also design a retail environment after understanding your needs and goals.


Machinery and skilled employees combine to form a team of quality production producers. Employees are cross trained in many operations around the shop. Nearly every position has 3 or more qualified persons who can perform the same task. Redundancy is built into the core of our operations.

Custom Builds

Custom builds are performed in our custom shop. Most custom orders are built by hand to ensure a high level of detail is observed. As with most custom projects, they do take longer to complete than any type of engineered production work. Costs are higher because of extra material waste and alot more time is spent on a project.

Installation & Delivery

We have our own staff trained on the construction and installation of all our products. Each employee is fully aware and trained to our level of quality expectations. Our designs also take full consideration of installation and delivery


Engineering adds value, strength, and durability into our products. Products are engineered to use the right materials for the right purpose with the correct joinery and surface materials to last in their environments. We engineer based mostly on experience and theory, but some products are tested when time allows


We do not copy other designs, we create and we patent our most successful designs. We distinguish our designs with well crafted materials, joinery, dimensions, and even down to the packaging of our products. The entire picture from start to finish is considered and built upon for a distinguished product from the competitors.

Our Clients Love Us

“DS Wood Solutions took my scratch paper idea and developed it into a fully fledged product line im proud to display in my shop.”
“When we were behind on our installation project because our foreign manufactures couldn’t deliver on time, we tried local manufacturers. DS Wood Solutions engineered our design and improved how quickly it could be produced and at a lesser cost.”
“I brought my idea to the team at DS Wood Solutions and they figured out how to cut my material costs in half and made some design changes to reduce production times by 40%!”

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